Critical Security Vulnerability Impacts ALL Versions of Windows

Computer PatchFebruary’s Patch Tuesday brought a small amount of critical security patches, however, one of them is designed to fix a major vulnerability that impacts ALL supported versions of Windows – from Windows Vista to Windows 10. The major vulnerability, known as MS16-013, puts administrator accounts at risk as the vulnerability allows attackers to run arbitrary code while operating as the logged-in user, which means the attacker is able to:

  • Delete important information
  • Create new accounts
  • Run various, potentially malicious programs
  • And much more

Microsoft has stated that so far, the vulnerability hasn’t been exploited to their knowledge. However, it’s better safe than sorry. It’s vital to ensure you’re applying patches prior to hackers discovering vulnerabilities, especially those that could cause major damage.

Microsoft also released three other critical patches, known as MS16-012, MS16-015, and MS16-022, which all fix flaws that are quite dangerous. Aside from critical patches, the following patches were released:

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