Does Your New Jersey IT Provider Take Security Seriously? Race Computer Services Does

Are you getting the best security and protection possible from your IT provider?

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It’s crucial to understand the tools and processes being used to protect your business so that you and your employees know what procedures to follow and how to keep your system safe. A great working partnership with your IT provider will do wonders for your business, and understanding the work they do will keep your data safer than ever.

Is your IT provider isn’t taking your security seriously, it’s probably time you look for new support.

Protection for Your Business

  • We know that detection is the first step to protection, so you’ll be setup right away with the best antivirus software and services to keep your system safe.
  • With managed firewalls and web filtering, you’ll finally have peace of mind knowing that business is protected against hackers, malware and dangerous online viruses.

No More Waiting Around

  • At Race Computers we deal with suspicious activity as soon as it comes up.
  • Downtime often means major trouble for your business, starting with diminished productivity and ending in lost wages and ruined trust with clients.
  • Our job is to keep your business functioning at its absolute best at all times, giving you the protection you need to work with a clear mind.

Real Security

  • Our protection is geared towards your unique security needs – we even provide physical security with camera installation to ensure you’ve always got eyes where you need them. Whether you’re in retail, the school system or looking for residential security, we provide solutions according to your needs.

Your IT security can’t be put on the backburner – don’t wait until a disaster strikes to get proper support. Get in contact with Effortless 24/7 at or by phone at (248) 681-7722 to get your business setup with the best protection available.


“Honesty and integrity are two words that I would use to describe the Effortless 24/7 team. They are very hands on, very attuned to our issues, and have experience with our problems. Also, I love their responsiveness.”

  Diane Nardon is the Director of Finance and Operations at OPNS   

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