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Effortless 24/7 was founded in 1983 to provide IT services for financial services firms, law firms, healthcare organizations, construction companies, property management firms, automotive suppliers, and small to mid-size companies.

We’ve been around for over 30 years! How do we do it? Well, the biggest factor contributing to our success is that we aren’t afraid to change, in order to better serve our clients.

A Bit of History…

We started out as a business that just sold computers. When our clients were having trouble finding a reliable repair shop in town, we started to service those computers. When computers needed to connect to each other, we helped businesses setup computer networks, and then later, we helped our clients maximize the benefit of the Internet.

What Makes the Cloud Right for You?

More recently, we were among the first to realize the potential of cloud computing. The benefits of the cloud are clear, with the most obvious benefit being that it makes substantial investments in your own on-site infrastructure no longer necessary. Plus, it’s a variable cost – you pay for what you use and nothing more.

Rely on your own infrastructure and you’ll have to invest in even more expensive equipment every time you see growth just to accommodate. And it’s not just the cost of the equipment itself; you’ll also be on the hook for the added maintenance and electricity expenses it takes to keep that new equipment running.

By using our unlimited, private, and secure cloud that we build specifically for you, you’ll see incredible savings through the elimination of those capital expenses in infrastructure, electricity, and maintenance. You can scale up your capability with just a click of a button, no new equipment needed.

Our 24/7 Help Desk Never Leaves You Waiting by the Phone!

Another aspect that sets us apart is that we offer a 24/7 help desk. Other IT companies may try their best to pick up the phone when you call, but if you have to leave a message, who knows when they’ll back to you. With us, there’s no chance you’ll be stuck waiting hours, or even days, when you have immediate needs, because we’re always available on the other side of the line. If we don’t answer the phone, you can count on a call back within 15 minutes!

Effortless 24/7 will maintain every aspect of your IT infrastructure, from network security to disaster recovery to cloud migration, so that you can focus on everything else that needs to be taken care of for you to grow. We make IT as easy and effortless as possible. Contact us at (248) 681-7722 or info@effortless247.com for more information.


“Honesty and integrity are two words that I would use to describe the Effortless 24/7 team. They are very hands on, very attuned to our issues, and have experience with our problems. Also, I love their responsiveness.”

  Diane Nardon is the Director of Finance and Operations at OPNS   

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