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Secure, innovative, IT services hosted in a private cloud for your business.

A private cloud is simply computer systems built especially for you. Essentially, it’s a model of cloud computing that involves a secure, dedicated cloud environment that you – and only you – can operate. The public cloud, on the other hand, involves a multi-tenant environment wherein you’re sharing the environment with multiple other clients.

At Effortless 24/7, our top priority is to provide you with a simplified, all-in-one IT experience designed to help you meet and exceed goals. With the right services, you’ll see the benefits all throughout your business – from improved security and reduced risk of downtime, to more effective and simplified processes. We know that most business owners aren’t tech experts, so we take care of everything having to do with IT.

We analyze your business, considering all of your unique needs, and set you up with the services and solutions you require. With a private cloud just for your business, you have everything you need to function at your absolute best.

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  • You never have to buy a piece of hardware again, and we provide everything, from firewalls, to access points, to licencing, and so on. You’ll stop struggling with technology and finally have the freedom to focus all of your attention on getting work done.
  • With a private cloud for your business, you always have access to the tools and solutions you need, from the latest Microsoft Office to unique solutions for your industry.
  • No more being tied down to the office – you get work done at home, on the go, and with whatever device is most convenient for you. You’ll never feel disconnected again, with easier collaboration and improved connection to clients and coworkers.
  • With easier, more effective ways of doing business, morale improves among your workforce and productivity rises.
  • Proactive security measures and business continuity planning make the cloud one of the most secure and effective business tools; no matter what type of disaster hits, you always have everything you need to continue serving clients.

Contact Effortless 24/7 at or (248) 681-7722 to talk about how private cloud services will benefit your business.


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