Reduce Inbox Overload with Reply, NOT Reply All

Karen Turner, Company Founder of Turner Efficiency shares this great tip on how to reduce email clutter.


Reduce Inbox Overload with Reply, NOT Reply All

But if you’re the recipient, how does this help you? What goes around comes around.

too much emailMany corporate cultures include Reply All. However, you know how it plugs up your inbox, wastes your time, and annoys the heck out of you.

YES, there are instances when Reply All is appropriate:

  • For 2-9 decision makers, with at least 70% taking part in the discussion
  • If you’re adding value or your comments will cause others to act (e.g., “I believe the numbers are wrong.”)

Reply All is a habit. Either start asking yourself “Will my Reply All make me look good or annoy people?” or remove the Reply All button.

Reply All Horror Stories (what not to do!)


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